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Organic Cannabis: Why is it important?

Usually when we hear the word “organic”, we think of overpriced veggies. But what about when it comes to organic marijuana? What are some of the potential benefits? When you take a deeper look into the possible benefits of organic marijuana, you might find it somewhat of a shock that it’s not as common to… Read more »

Edibles: Consumption Guide

Here in Oregon, we have what we call “Try 5”, a campaign that encourages marijuana users to just 5mg of THC when trying a marijuana infused edible for the first time or a newer cannabis user. Here at Attis, we encourage all consumers to start with just 5 milligrams of THC and once you’re ready… Read more »

Vaporize: Learn About the Benefits

How is vaping really better for you health? First and foremost, vapor is much cleaner than smoke you would inhale from a joint. Studies have established that marijuana users report regularly that breathing is easier once they switched to vaporizers. In addition, compared to e­juice or cigarettes, it’s much more cost effective and getting rid… Read more »

Butane: What you need to know

Butane Hash Oil, or BHO as many call it, is a marijuana extract that is super potent concentrate. By extracting THC and other present cannabinoids using a solvent like butane or carbon dioxide, then evaporating away the butane leaves only the resin which looks like a syrupy, amber­-colored, waxy substance. We recommend that you go… Read more »

Concentrates: What They Are and How To Use

Cannabis concentrates, also known as “dabs”, come in many different forms from shatter to wax to crumble. Typically described as sticky, once fully extracted from the plant the overall consistency can range from hard shatters, gluey saps, and dry crumbles. The way that you utilize and handle each type of concentrate is different because some… Read more »

LED Lights: A Vital Part of Cannabis Sustainability

LED lights have been around for 53 years, but they weren’t seen as a feasible indoor growing option until recently. LED lights have always created the green and red light spectrum, but they didn’t have the essential blue light emitting diodes that are important for vegetative growth. Now that there’s been successfully developed LED lights… Read more »

Check out our daily marijuana happy hour!

In a lot of towns around America, we undergo a daily after work ritual. As five o’clock looms near, we zone out of the office, power down our monitors, put on our coats and hats, and slip down to the neighborhood bar for a quick happy hour drink with friends or coworkers before returning home.… Read more »

Cannatonic By Oregon Country Cannabis

At Attis Trading Company, we see a wide variety of customers who come to us for an even wider range of reasons. Some folks just want to get as uber-baked as possible, and with a wide variety of potent flower and super-clean extracts, we’re here to deliver. Other customers are patients: they’re looking for CBD… Read more »

Bloodhound Strain Review by Irie Farm

The bloodhound has been bred over generations for its tenacity on the hunt. Around the world, the breed is used in the law enforcement community for the simple fact that it won’t give up. And the Bloodhound strain, the child of Huckleberry Hound and Guard Dawg, attacks the mind with a similar tenacity. Although Bloodhound… Read more »

Purple Hindu Kush Strain Review

For fans of indicas that seep deep into the body, one location consistently produces heavy hitters. Strains that hail from the mountains dividing the Indian subcontinent from Central Asia to West and China to the East are known for their heavy relaxation effects. From Burma to Bhutan to Nepal and Afghanistan, this is ground zero… Read more »

Fire Afghan Cookies Shatter Review by Beehive Extracts

The truth of the matter is that for most of our customers, their go-to marijuana experience continues to be smokable flower. But as the extract market continues to grow and diversify, we’re continually impressed by the quality and innovation in the market. Portland based Beehive Extracts is a consistent producer of quality product, and we’re especially… Read more »

Ten Four Farms’ Platinum Girl Scout Cookies Strain Review

Of the many strains that come across our shelves, few deliver the astonishing consistency of the Platinum Girl Scout Cookies grow brought to us by Portland based Ten Four Farms. From the phenotype – dark and dense – to the rich aroma to the high THC percentage by weight – often topping out in the… Read more »

Rule Changes for Portland Dispensaries on October 1st

Starting on October 1st there are going to be more than a handful of rule changes for Portland dispensaries when the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) compliance deadline arrives. Rules concerning transferring marijuana product, marijuana product labeling, concentration limits, marijuana packaging, and testing of marijuana will all go into effect on and after October 1st.… Read more »

Tangie Banana Strain Review

An extremely popular sativa dominant hybrid strain, Tangie Banana’s citrusy tangerine seasoned and coral-colored nugs will leave you feeling a rush of refreshment. For a relaxed, yet clear-headed and uplifting high, Tangie Banana will give you an intense spark in creativity. This strain is optimal for a wake and bake, and is a spectacular blast of energy… Read more »