Bloodhound Strain Review by Irie Farm

The bloodhound has been bred over generations for its tenacity on the hunt. Around the world, the breed is used in the law enforcement community for the simple fact that it won’t give up. And the Bloodhound strain, the child of Huckleberry Hound and Guard Dawg, attacks the mind with a similar tenacity.

Although Bloodhound is a hybrid strain, the Chemdawg lineage of it’s Huckleberry Hound parent predominates in its heady, cerebral high. We picked this particular grow up from Irie Farm, and it’s truly a beauty to behold. This flower presents small buds that are extremely dense and positively coated in the thickest sugar of trichomes we’ve seen cross our doors, with a dense network of thick orange hairs. The Bloodhound strain’s aroma is spicy and herbaceous, evident without being overwhelming, with mild topnotes of tartness and fuel.

The effects of the strain take time to develop, but build into a predominating potent head-high with subdued body effects that are barely noticeable after the Bloodhound gets its grip on your mind. The effects tend strongly towards the cerebral euphoria typical of an indica, despite the strain’s hybrid lineage.

We like this one; it’s a good choice for when you want to rely on your body more than your mind, giving a serious euphoric buzz. That said, strains like this can cause problems for those smokers who struggle with anxiety. If you’re worried about catching the fear, you probably want to stay away from this one. Likewise, for users who are inexperienced or looking for something easy to get started with, this Bloodhound grow may be an overwhelming experience. But for well versed smokers looking for something that will light up their mind, we strongly recommend this power strain. It’ll cut through anything, making you wake up and take notice.