Cannatonic By Oregon Country Cannabis

Cannatonic Strain

At Attis Trading Company, we see a wide variety of customers who come to us for an even wider range of reasons. Some folks just want to get as uber-baked as possible, and with a wide variety of potent flower and super-clean extracts, we’re here to deliver. Other customers are patients: they’re looking for CBD based medicine, and we’re ready to cater to their needs with flower, edibles, and concentrates. But increasingly, customers are looking for something that can cater to both their medical and recreational needs. We do our best to serve that market segment with a selection of 1:1 flower that offers both CBD and THC. This Cannatonic strain is a popular choice for users looking for this kind of balanced experience.

This strain – we’re currently selling a grow from Oregon Country Cannabis – presents small and tightly packed buds with dark sage coloration and a heavy coating of yellow trichomes and a few short and fat amber pistils. Its fragrance is pleasant but subtle, with topnotes of a slight sweetish citrus aroma and slightly spicy finish. We’re not going to lie, we coughed a little more than usual on this grow, but the slightly harsh smoking experience was more than compensated for by its top notch effects.

CBD has a tendency to mellow out the user’s high. Sometimes, that’s the point. But with highly mellow CBD heavy indica strains, this can sometimes mean that the stone one expects from the plant’s THC can be all but overwhelmed. With this sativa heavy CBD strain, the high may be mellow, but you’re sure to feel it. What’s more, the CBD mellows out any anxiety that users might experience with some heavy sativa strains. This isn’t likely to be a top choice for anyone who’s looking for a knock-your-socks-off stoned out of your mind type of experience. But for users who value CBD but still want a little kick to their experience, we recommend it highly.