Fire Afghan Cookies Shatter Review by Beehive Extracts

The truth of the matter is that for most of our customers, their go-to marijuana experience continues to be smokable flower. But as the extract market continues to grow and diversify, we’re continually impressed by the quality and innovation in the market. Portland based Beehive Extracts is a consistent producer of quality product, and we’re especially enamored of their Fire Afghan Cookies shatter.

Although the most important part the product, of course, is the product itself, we can’t help but pause to appreciate the packaging. With much shatter sold loose in a leaf of parchment paper, it can be prone to getting flattened and smashed into the paper on a hot day, or if kept too long in a pocket. Beehive Extracts shatter comes packaged in a small hinged metal tin, similar to a pack of mints, that protects your product, ensuring ease of use and minimizing wastage. Perhaps thanks to this tin, the shatter comes in slightly thicker, easy to dab to pieces instead of the thin sticky slab that we sometimes find stuck to the parchment paper it’s sold in.

This shatter, dark in color yet translucent, is processed through Beehive’s closed-loop extraction system. Made from Fire Afghan Cookies, this shatter is a cross between Fire Afghan and Girl Scout Cookies strains. It’s a good choice for social consumption, because despite being a heavy hitter – our batch tested out at 78.6% THC – it’s Indica leanings allow for plenty of lucidity and clear thinking. We took it out for a rainy walk through downtown for some shopping, and found that although our thoughts strayed rather far while strolled the streets, we didn’t struggle in the least to pull them back to earth when the time came. We’re also a fan of the richly piney taste (we think we detect that Afghan lineage) in this butane extracted shatter.