LED Lights: A Vital Part of Cannabis Sustainability

LED lights have been around for 53 years, but they weren’t seen as a feasible indoor growing option until recently. LED lights have always created the green and red light spectrum, but they didn’t have the essential blue light emitting diodes that are important for vegetative growth. Now that there’s been successfully developed LED lights that indeed use the blue light diode to emit a white light, cultivators are finally able to solve the problem for gardening as well as general lighting needs. LED lights use 60­90% less energy than HPS bulbs and are said to be three times as effective overall. LED lights have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours while HPS lights begin to lose their effectiveness after 2­3,000 hours and are only expected to last 10,000 hours. LED lights are extremely versatile, with their low heat emission. LED lights can be placed close to the plant canopy because of the low heat, which gives you the ability to control light spread.