Purple Hindu Kush Strain Review

For fans of indicas that seep deep into the body, one location consistently produces heavy hitters. Strains that hail from the mountains dividing the Indian subcontinent from Central Asia to West and China to the East are known for their heavy relaxation effects. From Burma to Bhutan to Nepal and Afghanistan, this is ground zero for the heavy stuff. This Purple Hindu Kush strain, a cross between Purple Afghan and Hindu Kush, is no exception.

The strain presents medium sized buds, sage in color, turning to lavender near the tips of the flower. The buds are coated in extremely fine white trichomes with an abundance of vivid orange hairs. The fragrance is distinct, but not overpowering with abundant sour grape teased by a high note of spicy pine, although these notes don’t transfer strongly to the flavor profile.

This is not some go out and kick it with some friends ganja. This isn’t a good weed to take along with you on a hike. This is some heavy indica, sit yourself down, gonna take a whole lot of effort to stand up and walk to the bathroom type of product. For those looking for anxiety relief and deep relaxation, we highly recommend Purple Hindu Kush. And while every individual reacts differently, we’ve had almost no problems with dryness in the mouth or eyes after consuming this Kush, nor did we experience significant hunger effects.

Indeed, despite the heavy medication, this product leaves the smoker relatively lucid, making it a good choice for a book or a movie. But take care if you let the lights fall too low; you may just find yourself slipping off into an easy sleep. Right now, we’ve got product in from Fine and Dandies, a cannabrand we more typically associate with edibles, coming in at 19.23% THC under the new OLCC testing guidelines.